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Church Email News – October 22, 2021


Friday, October 22, 2021

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With a word, the Lord created the universe. With a word, Jesus heals a nobleman’s son. When the Lord speaks, his Word does what it says. This is the true sign that He gives. When he speaks, the nobleman’s son is healed. When Jesus says you are forgiven, you are forgiven. When Jesus says you will rise from the dead, you will rise from the dead. We know this is true not just because He healed a nobleman’s son, but because He also said He Himself would suffer and die and rise the third day. And He did! When God speaks, His Word does what it says. That’s an unbreakable, unshakable, solid promise we can always count on. We may not always see “miracles” the way we want, but God’s Word will always be true, always be faithful. Not only does God’s Word create all things, that very Word became flesh in Jesus and spoke life to a world full of sin and death. So we gather again this 21st Sunday after Trinity to hear that Word and know that it will do what Jesus says for us in our lives.

Join us this Tuesday at 10:30 AM as we begin reading the the Revelation to St. John. Revelation is a very misunderstood book which makes it scary to many people. But it’s really a book of comfort centered around the Lamb Jesus. Starting a new book is a great time to jump into Bible Study. All questions are welcome and you never have to read out loud if you don’t prefer. It’s going to be a great study that will clear up lots of confusion and bring lots of comfort!

Operation Christmas Child to provide gifts for children around the world through the Samaritan’s Purse organization. We’re doing it a little differently this year. Rather than collecting items and assembling boxes at church, we asking that each family PACK A BOX AND RETURN IT TO CHURCH. You can pick up an empty box at church along with instructions on what items to fill the box with. Shipping is $9 per box so if you’d like to provide that too it is welcome. Likewise, if you prefer to donate cash or checks for the project (for shipping and any extra supplies) you can give money to Susan Buetow on behalf of Ladies Guild. Thank you to Zion’s Ladies Guild for purchasing the boxes for guys to fill! If you have any questions, you let me know. Boxes should be returned to church by SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7.

The Ladies Guild Clothing Drive is going great! The box had already been filled to overflowing three weeks in a row! Bring your bags of clean clothing (no socks or underwear), shoes, and kitchen and bathroom linens. Items should be put into 30 gallon trash bags and may be placed in the large box in the Rotunda. (Bags are available next to the box if you need to use them). Check out the countdown to our goal of 180 bags!

Trunk Or Treat is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31 after church. Everyone is welcome to dress up in costume, decorate their trunks, and pass out candy. The Trunk Or Treating will begin at 10:30 AM that day. Invite your family and friends!


You may remember the Pollacks who were members of Zion and moved to Ohio a couple of years ago. Peter was back in our area for work when he contracted Covid. He has been hospitalized for nearly a month battling the complications. Robin has been at his side every day. She would be grateful for cards sent to him for when he can read them. They would be a comfort to her as well. If you’d like to send a card or note, you can send it to:
Lutheran General Hospital MICU
Attn: Peter Pollack, Room 12
1775 Dempster Street
Park Ridge, IL 60068

We are currently wearing our masks during worship. At this time there is no restriction on capacity or seating arrangements. Please consider the well-being of your neighbor most especially by staying home if you have any symptoms of illness. As always, you can get in touch with me to request a visit if you can’t be in church. Thank you for your patience and understanding and love of neighbor in all of this!

You can watch live and find recorded services here:
We stream live on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.
Our videos are also live and recorded on YOUTUBE HERE.
The simplest way to watch online (not live) is probably through our church’s website HERE.


The world thinks that unless God shows Himself with miracles it wants to see, that God isn’t real. The disciples of Jesus know better, because they have His own Word which creates and sustains our faith in Him. Ultimately, what matters is what the Lord says in His Word. Jesus speaks His Word so that we can hear it and believe it and live in it. We’ll hear that Word again this week and it will deliver His gifts! See you in the Divine Service!

In Christ,
Pastor Buetow

Ladies Guild Quilt Raffle

F.I.S.H. Donation Week


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