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Church Email News – February 18, 2022


Friday, February 18, 2022

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Well, here’s something funny…last week I wrote about the Parable of the Sower. Turns out I was a week ahead! Last Sunday you heard about the guy who hired people all day long and gives them all the same pay. This Sunday (Sexagesimal) is actually the Parable of the Sower. Perhaps my anesthesia hadn’t completely worn off by last Friday! At any rate, the thing the two parables have in common is they both show a master or farmer who is beyond generous with his gifts. Whether the same wages for all or seed sown everywhere, the point is that God’s grace and mercy are given to this world richly and bountifully. God doesn’t calculate and measure. He showers the world with a deluge of good things! More than we knew we needed! More than we expected! More than we desire and more than we deserve! As you hear the Parable of the Sower this week (really!) give thanks for the way in which Jesus is not stingy but generous, not a penny-pincher but a limitless benefactor. His cross and empty tomb are proof of that!

My recovery continues very well. Again, I’m grateful to everyone for their prayers, cards, texts, calls, and concern. I am scheduled to meet with the surgeon for follow up on Monday morning and Lord willing I’ll be back in the office next week. Thank you for your patience until I’m back in the groove!

Our guest preacher this weekend is Rev. Steve Sward. Pastor Sward recently retired from St. Paul, Harvard. He lives in Kenosha. Thanks, Pastor Sward for filling in!

NO Tuesday Bible Study this week. There WILL BE (Lord willing) service THIS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23 at 7pm.


Vince Adams, Sr. passed away Tuesday. His obituary is HERE.

Here are his arrangements:

Monday, February 21

11am-1:30pm – Visitation at Colonial, McHenry

1:30pm – Funeral Service at Colonial

Interment to follow at McHenry County Memorial Park in Woodstock

Enrollment for next School Year begins this week!  If you know anyone with children ages 3 years old through Second Grade, send them our way for more information on our Christ-centered academic excellence!

Peter successfully received a lung transplant last Sunday! His doctors say he is on target as he recovers. Thanks be to God! Please keep him, Robin, Lily, and Samantha in your prayers. You can continue to send cards and well-wishes to him in the hospital:

Ohio State University
Ross Heart Hospital
452 W. 10th Avenue
Room 4046, Peter Pollack
Columbus OH 43210

We are currently wearing our masks during worship. At this time there is no restriction on capacity or seating arrangements. Please consider the well-being of your neighbor most especially by staying home if you have any symptoms of illness. As always, you can get in touch with me to request a visit if you can’t be in church. Thank you for your patience and understanding and love of neighbor in all of this!
You can watch live and find recorded services at the links below:
We stream live on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.
Our videos are also live and recorded on YOUTUBE HERE.


What the world sees as a crazy man who pays everyone the same or a wasteful farmer who sows his seed teaches us what sort of God Jesus is. His mercy, His grace, His patience, His love, His forgiveness—these are for everyone, everywhere, all the time. There is no sin that out-sins God’s grace in His Son Jesus. Whatever you have done, whatever you have been, however you have fallen short, whatever you struggle with—know that none of it is greater than Jesus’ love for you. This is why Pre-Lent begins to focus our attention on the cross. After all, it’s there that we see God’s infinite mercy on display for all the world to see. See you soon!

In Christ,
Pastor Buetow
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