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Church Email News – March 15, 2024

Dear Disciples of Jesus,

If Jesus’ goal was to calm down His enemies, He doesn’t seem to do a very good job. In this week’s Gospel reading, He lets loose on the Jewish religious leaders as being children of the devil and deniers of the truth. It’s enough for them to try to kill him right then and there. But pacifying them is not Jesus’ goal. His work is to speak the truth. The truth is that they and the world need saving. Jesus’ time to die is not that day. It’s the day He is handed over and hung upon the cross for all to see. His death does not come from a burst of anger but of cold, calculated planning. His death is not at the timing of His enemies but His own, when He lays down His life for us. This Sunday, called “Judica” because the psalmist says, “Vindicate” or “judge Me, O Lord.” It’s Jesus proclaiming He is the righteous One who has done no wrong despite the anger of His enemies. It is we who have sinned. Not Jesus. Yet He is made sin for us. And His vindication, His being judged righteous, is what the Father does when He raises Jesus from the dead. The cross is the message: Our sins killed Jesus, but He willing died for them to take them away. The sign and message that He was successful is His empty tomb, when He is risen and alive the third day. We keep all this in mind as we count down these final days until Holy Week and the suffering, death, and resurrection of our Lord.


The time has arrived for Greg and Julie Eilers to be with us and share from God’s Word and their experiences dealing with gender dysphoria. The fact is, transgender people are out there. They exist and struggle whether we like it or not, and whether we understand it or not. Our Lord has called us to speak the truth in love to all people and Greg’s presentation is going to help us do that. If you want to attend, you can do so simply by showing up for the presentation. Doors open at 5 with snacks and then Evening Prayer at 5:45. The first session begins at 6:30. There will be ample time for questions both days. The presentation continues on Saturday at 8am with a continental breakfast and three sessions, including lunch, and ending around 3pm. Please pray that Greg’s presentation is helpful and most of all that Jesus is glorified and His Word shines forth.


Sunday, 8:00 AM – The Book of Daniel. What does this prophet have to say for us today? How does Daniel point to Christ?

Learning the Faith – We’re looking closely at the events of Holy Week as Jesus fulfills the Scriptures and accomplishes our salvation.

Tuesdays at 10:30 AM – Reading the Book of Exodus. God saves His people and keeps His promises!


Join us for our Board of Outreach’s annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 23, 10:00 AM. We’ll have music, the reading of the Easter Story, and of course lots of eggs for the children to collect!


Join us as we celebrate our Lord’s Passion, remember His death, and rejoice in His resurrection. Worship schedule is as follows:

Palm Sunday (Mar. 24) – 9am Divine Service with Procession of Palms and St. Matthew’s Passion reading.

Monday (25) – 7pm Divine Service – Jesus Prepares for His Passion

Tuesday (26) – 7pm Divine Service – St. Mark’s Passion Reading

Wednesday (27) – 7pm Divine Service – St. Luke’s Passion Reading

Maundy Thursday (28) – 7pm Divine Service concluding with Stripping of the Altar

Good Friday (29) – Noon – Divine Service with the Seven Words from the Cross

7pm – Divine Service with St. John’s Passion reading and service of Darkness

Holy Saturday (30) – 6pm – The Awe-Inspiring Vigil of Easter

Easter Sunday (31) – 7:45am and 10:30am – Festival Divine Service

9:00am – Easter Breakfast



Our school’s “Tacos and Trivia” night is on Saturday, April 13, 6-9pm. Gather a team of your family and friends to purchase a table and be part of the party. Food will be provided (BYOB), there will be basket raffles of items from local businesses, and prizes for best decorated team tables. It’s going to be a fun night to benefit our school as we raise money for additional swings and playground equipment. Registration forms are available on the table in the narthex. Tables of up to 8 are $150 and Individual Registrations are $25 (and we’ll put you at a table with others). Registration forms should be turned in to the office by Friday, March 22. 


You can watch live and find recorded services at the links below.
We stream live on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.
Our videos are also live and recorded on YOUTUBE HERE. 


Part of what Jesus said to those who were against Him was, “I AM.” By claiming that Divine Name, He was calling Himself the God of Abraham from what we know of as the Old Testament. That’s quite a claim. Enough to get him charged with blasphemy and almost stoned to death! But the greater mystery is how I AM in the flesh, Jesus, can suffer and die to take away the sins of the world. Being weak and powerless, suffering and dying, are not things we associate with God. Yet it is precisely in that humiliation, that God saves us who have turned away and are dead in our trespasses and sins. The gifts Jesus gives us in His Water, Word, Body and Blood, give us life. Jesus hid Himself until it was time. Now our lives are hidden with God in Christ. See you in the Divine Service!

In Christ,
Pastor Buetow