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Church Email News July 3, 2020


Friday, July 3, 2020

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last week we heard the stories of Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin teach us that God is merciful to sinners. This week we hear Jesus’ call to us to be merciful in that same way to others. “Be merciful as your Heavenly Father is merciful.” All around us we see people acting in ways that we are sure are horrible and even inexcusable. Our own lives are filled with people who treat us badly and sin against us. Yet the greatest transgression in all of this is that we should be UN-merciful. That we should hold anyone’s sins against them. That we should call out someone else’s sins as if we did not have our own. Our Father is merciful to us in Jesus Christ. That mercy overflows from us to others so that we are merciful toward them. If we ever find ourselves withholding mercy, condemning others, and thinking others deserve what they get, then we should stop right there and repent, remembering the words of Jesus which recall us to the mercy God has given to us and to all people. We’re living in a time when we need as much mercy as possible! We’ll hear that this week as we celebrate the Fourth Sunday after Trinity…together in church!

Worship in Church
By now everyone should have seen our detailed guidelines for how our worship services will be conducted as we gather together again. I’m going to hit just some highlights here:


Sundays at 7:45 AM and 10:30 AM

Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.

All of these will be the same service. (Readings, hymns, etc.)


We will continue to stream and record one of our Sunday services (probably Early for now). These are available to watch live and recorded here:
We stream live on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.

Our videos are also live and recorded on YOUTUBE HERE.

The simplest way to watch online (not live) is probably through our church’s website HERE.


Key points to remember when you come for worship:

Wear your MASK once you are in the building. Masks WILL be available if you forget to wear one.
Maintain PHYSICAL DISTANCING; please do not gather in the Narthex. (If you want to visit with others, you can do so outside or in the gym between services).
CHECK IN with the Usher or Elder before the Service. We will NOT be using pew cards but will be taking attendance with a checklist.
Please DO NOT SIT IN PEWS MARKED WITH BLUE TAPE. We will be using every third pew. If a pew has a piece of blue tape on the end, do NOT use that pew. BLUE TAPE = DON’T SIT THERE.
Communicants will stand in line near the front pew, not at the rail. If you need to sit in the front pew for the Distribution, you may do so.
The Elder will follow the Host with the tray of Individual Cups and Pastor will follow with the Chalice. (This is the reverse of how we have been doing it; it will more easily indicate to pastor who desires to receive the Chalice).
Please PLACE YOUR BULLETIN IN THE RECYCLING BIN in the narthex unless you wish to take it home. Please do NOT stack it with the unused bulletins.
The OFFERING PLATE will be on the table in the Narthex. You may place your offering there before or after the service.

Also, two gentle reminders:

It is OK to stay home if you feel you are not ready to venture out just yet.
If you have any SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS, please love your neighbor by staying home until you are symptom free and recovered.

Please reach out to me or your Elder if you have any questions about how the service will go.

Bible Studies

Bible Studies will meet in person beginning Sunday, July 5.

Sundays, 9:15 am in the gym. Please bring your own snacks and coffee as refreshments will not be provided for the time being.

Tuesdays, 10:30 am in the Narthex.

Hospital Visits

McHenry Hospital is allowing two visitors per patient. Visitors must be listed to hospital staff. If you or someone you know is in the hospital and would like me to visit, please let the hospital staff (and me!) know and I will be happy to check on you.

Color A Stained Glass Window
Our church stained glass windows are turning into coloring sheets! Download the latest window HERE.

Be merciful! This is a good time to hear those words and practice mercy. As we get back to church, there will be a great temptation to be jumpy, get irritated with others easily, or be upset by the inadvertent things we do. We’re all in this together and it may take a little bit to adjust to a new way of doing things for awhile. As we do, remember to be merciful to those around you, quick to forgive and overlook anything that seems amiss. Remember the simplest guideline of how to act and behave is to do those things that demonstrate love for our neighbor and care and concern for others before ourselves.

I am looking forward to seeing you in worship this weekend! It is a great joy to gather once again as the Body of Christ and to receive Jesus’ gifts together. His triumph over sin and death is our true and ultimate hope in the midst of anything going on around us. The Lord bless us indeed in Jesus!

In Christ,

Pastor Buetow

Voters Meeting

Download this week’s Bulletin, Daily Devotions, NewsNotes and Volunteer Schedules from our website here:

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