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Church Email News – October 16, 2020


Friday, October 16, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What if you had some sin that really troubled you? What if you weren’t sure that it was forgiven or even could be forgiven? What do you do? That’s why you have a pastor! God has given him the authority to forgive you in Jesus’ name. A real, human voice, to speak real, actual words that you can hear: “I forgive you.” What if you know someone who struggle with their sins? Is ashamed of their mistakes? Is troubled by their conscience? God has given them YOU! You, a baptized child of God, have been given that same authority from Jesus to speak forgiveness to someone who is trouble by what they’ve done. Look around. The world is filled with people who need absolution desperately but never hear it. We are told to “forgive ourselves” and to “move past it” and that it’s “no problem.” But those are hollow words that don’t bring true comfort. Whether it’s a pastor or any Christian, we have been given the authority to speak for Jesus Himself! His kingdom is filled with citizens whose job is to tell others GOOD NEWS: their sins are forgiven. Jesus heals a paralyzed man in this week’s Gospel. But first He tells the man his sins are forgiven. There’s no better news than that! Hear it this week as we celebrate the 19th Sunday after Trinity!

Trunk Or Treat
Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 25 at Noon. We’ll be hosting Trunk Or Treat in our parking lot. Decorate your vehicle and hand out candy. Invite your friends and their children to join us!

Bowling is Back
If you’d like to bowl at the McHenry Rec. lanes, they are accepting teams. Grab some family members or friends to make a four-person team. Bowling is the first Saturday of each month at 7:00 PM and costs $15 per person. If you want more information, talk to Jeff Foerster.

Voters Meeting
Our Fall Voters Meeting is Sunday, November 15 at 9am (Between services; We will not have Bible Study or Learning the Faith that day). The main business is election of officers and board members which was postponed from our May meeting.

Bible Study Opportunities:
Take time to grow in God’s Word!
Bible Study – 9:00-9:30 AM in the Narthex. Reading the Epistle of James
Learning the Faith (all ages) – 9:45-10:30 AM in the Gym.
Tuesdays – Bible Study at 10:30 AM in the Narthex. (Gospel According to St. Matthew)

Our Sunday service is available to watch live and recorded here:
We stream live on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.
Our videos are also live and recorded on YOUTUBE HERE.
The simplest way to watch online (not live) is probably through our church’s website HERE.

It’s certainly been a whirlwind of natural disasters lately from fires to storms all around our country and the world. LCMS Disaster Relief is on the front lines in many places to help those who have been displaced or are in need. If you’d like to help out, you can make an offering directly to LCMS Disaster Relief RIGHT HERE. Click the “Give” button or select a particular area to give.

When Jesus forgave the paralytic, Matthew tells us that the crowds were amazed that God had given such authority to men. That’s right, God has given to each of us the authority to speak forgiveness in His Name, to proclaim Good News to a world that doesn’t hear much good news at all. As you go about your life this week, look for those who need to hear some good news and tell them that they are forgiven for Jesus’ sake! See you in the Divine Service!

In Christ,
Pastor Buetow