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Church Email News – November 12, 2021


Friday, November 12, 2021

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“She’s not dead, she’s sleeping.” That’s what Jesus said about the little girl who…died. They laughed at Him! Until He raised her from the dead! In the meantime, He had also healed a woman who had a flow of blood for 12 years. When Jesus speaks, “Little girl, get up!” His words wreck death’s power. Death yields. It flees. It lets her go. Jesus can say this because He is the Son of God who has power over death. He will die. He will rise the third day. And because of that, death has no power over those who belong to Christ. Since you were baptized, you are only just waiting for Jesus to tell you to “Get up!” On the Last Day. And you will rise like that little girl and not be dead anymore. Of all the things we learn and know as Christians, the triumph of Jesus over death is the most important, the most central to our faith. Jesus is risen forevermore and He will raise us from the dead. Death has no power over you. On the Last Day, it will also yield and let you go. In a world obsessed with avoiding death and trying not to think about death, here in Jesus we have the answer: His victory over death and the grave. That’s ours and nothing can take it away. After all, if death is pretty much the worst thing in life, and Jesus has defeated death, then we are safe where our Savior has laid claim to our lives and our deaths and our life to come. That’s this week as we celebrate the 24th Sunday after Trinity.


Please plan to attend our Fall Voters Meeting on Sunday, November 21 at 10:30 AM (after worship). It will be a brief meeting with reports from boards and committees, and an Endowment Request to reimburse Ryan Morales for equipment purchased for recording and streaming our services.

Thanks to everyone who brought clothing for the Ladies Guild fundraiser. We had a ton of clothing! No, really, almost 2,200 pounds! That brought in over $400 for the Ladies Guild for the projects and service around church.

Thank you to everyone who packed boxes and donated for shipping. We have over 100 boxes from our church and school families! These will be taken this week to the Distribution Drop Off. We’re going to have tracking on some of the boxes so we can find out where they go.


We are going to decorate the sanctuary for the Advent and Christmas seasons SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 28, after worship. (No Learning the Faith that day). Many hands make light work! If we’re around long enough we’ll order pizza for lunch.

You may remember the Pollacks who were members of Zion and moved to Ohio a couple of years ago. Peter was back in our area for work when he contracted Covid. He has been hospitalized for nearly a month battling the complications. Robin has been at his side every day. She would be grateful for cards sent to him for when he can read them. They would be a comfort to her as well. If you’d like to send a card or note, you can send it to:
Lutheran General Hospital MICU
Attn: Peter Pollack, Room 12
1775 Dempster Street
Park Ridge, IL 60068

I visited Peter and Robin in the hospital this past week. He’s still in a medically induced coma while they give his lungs time to heal. His wall is decorated with many cards and pictures and Robin is very grateful for everyone’s prayers and support.


We are currently wearing our masks during worship. At this time there is no restriction on capacity or seating arrangements. Please consider the well-being of your neighbor most especially by staying home if you have any symptoms of illness. As always, you can get in touch with me to request a visit if you can’t be in church. Thank you for your patience and understanding and love of neighbor in all of this!

You can watch live and find recorded services here:
We stream live on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.
Our videos are also live and recorded on YOUTUBE HERE.
The simplest way to watch online (not live) is probably through our church’s website HERE.

I think we often wonder why Jesus doesn’t just heal our sicknesses the way He did in our Gospel lesson. We need to remember, though, that even those were temporary. The woman with the flow of blood would die someday. The little girl He raised would die later on. But Jesus’ victory over death means that death is never permanent. It’s not the end. In fact, it is our victory over the things that bring us misery in this life. To die is not to lose a battle with illness but to be rescued from every illness and sadness once and for all. That’s Jesus’ doing and He makes sure we know that’s our future! See you in the Divine Service this week!

In Christ,
Pastor Buetow

All Saints’ Day

Operation Christmas Child!

Nick & Sammy Marcellis’ Wedding Day!

Dan Magel at Veterans Day Chapel
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