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Church News August 23, 2019


Friday, August 23, 2019

Dear Members and Friends of Zion,

It’s really sad when God shows up and people don’t care. Jesus weeps for Jerusalem because God’s people didn’t know the time of their “visitation,” that is, God was there in the flesh in Jesus and they pretty much just wanted to crucify Him! Every time the church is gathered, it is the Lord’s Visitation! Wherever and whenever the Word and Body and Blood of Jesus are given, He is right there, visiting His people and giving them His gifts. So why isn’t the church filled every Sunday? Well, we need the Lord to show up to remind us why we need to be there: so He can forgive our sins and strengthen us in faith in Him and the hope of everlasting life. And if you wonder about someone who’s not in church? Sure you can ask me if I’ve seen them, but you can also ask THEM! Give your brothers and sisters in Christ a call or text them or knock on their door. Remind them of the good things God has for them and remind them you’d love for them to be here with you! That’s a good plan for this coming Tenth Sunday after Trinity!

School is off to a great start this past week! We even continue to add students to our classes! Our Zion Parents Network is working on their first two fundraisers: MUMS and SPIRIT WEAR. There are order forms for both in the bulletin this week and also on the table in the Narthex. You can also order Spirit Wear online just by clicking THIS LINK! Mums will be in the second week of September and Spirit Wear on September 20. Thanks for supporting our school! (A little later in September, we’ll also have some Zion Church shirts available too, so stay tuned!)

Make sure you take time to learn and grow in God’s Word outside of worship! Join us as we study the Book of Exodus on Sunday Mornings at 8am, or Tuesdays at 10:30 for Ephesians. Learning the Faith is offered every week after worship on Sunday (around 10:15am) to learn the Faith and apply God’s Word to our lives. There are Portals of Prayer and Higher Things Reflections available for your daily devotions and don’t forget the Weekly Lectionary reading and prayer guide that’s in the bulletin each week!

Jerusalem made Jesus sad. That was put in Luke’s Gospel to teach us. It reminds us to repent of not paying attention when Jesus shows up. It reminds us that when Jesus does show up, it’s always for our good, to save us and give us eternal life. See you when the Lord visits in the Divine Service this weekend!

In Christ, Pastor Buetow

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