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Church News September 6, 2019


Friday, September 6, 2019

Dear Members and Friends of Zion,

“Ephatha!” Say what? You heard me. “Be opened!” That’s what Jesus said when He opened the ears of a deaf man. Because he couldn’t hear, the man also couldn’t speak. But when his hearing was restored he spoke “plainly” or “correctly.” The truth is, what goes in our ears, comes out of our mouths. If what goes in our ears is gossip, mean-speaking of others, bad words and jokes and filth, well, guess what comes out? Where do we think our kids learn to cuss? They hear it! But when God’s Word goes in our ears, it forgives, heals, and gives life, and out of our mouths come praise and thanksgiving and the confession of the truth of God’s Word. We constantly need God to open our ears so that we can speak “plainly” the wonderful good news that we hear and that is for all people. That’s what we’ll hear this weekend as we celebrate the 12th Sunday after Trinity.

It’s time to get back to LEARNING THE FAITH! It’s our Fall Kickoff and we’re going to have great treats and coffee. Remember, Learning the Faith is for ALL AGES. It prepares folks to join the church, gets children and youth ready to receive the Sacrament, and strengthens the faith of all ages by helping us grow in God’s Word. If you are a parent with children, you should all be there! If you don’t have children, you should be there! If your children are grown, you should be there! And don’t forget Sunday 8am Bible Study and Tuesday 10:30am Bible Study as more options for growing in God’s Word.

Our narthex BATHROOMS are getting closer to being finished! Thank you for your patience while they get their makeover (and remember they are out of order).

It’s OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD time again. Check your bulletin for the donation list of items to begin collecting and bringing in for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. Partnering with our school. Our goal this year is 200 boxes though I bet we can surpass that like we did last year when we made 256!

MUMS will be available for pick up between 9am and 3pm THIS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY (September 12 and 13). We’ll have extras for sale as well (and they won’t last long!) for $10 each. If you need to hold for pickup, let the Office know.

HIGH SCHOOL and (local) COLLEGE youth and parents mark your calendars for a planning meeting on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 at 3pm. We’re going to do some planning for the upcoming year and would like everyone’s input on setting a time (maybe like once a month) to get together for some fellowship and learning.

FAMILY GAME NIGHT is coming up on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 at 4pm. Bring your favorite tabletop board and card games and snacks to share. These are always fun for all ages.

We need Jesus to open our ears with His Word, so we can hear His Word, believe His Word, and speak His Word. Check out the new space in the bulletin for you to TAKE NOTES on what you hear in the sermon. It might just help you remember God’s Word for when you need it!

See you in the Divine Service this weekend!

In Christ, Pastor Buetow

Caps – at about 200 pounds!
Keep sending in clean caps & lids.