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Church News August 9, 2019


Friday, August 9, 2019

Dear Members and Friends of Zion,

“Beware of false prophets,” Jesus us tell us in this coming week’s Gospel. How do we watch out for false prophets? The one skill every Christian should know and have is how to listen for Jesus. And not just listen for stuff about Jesus but to hear Jesus proclaimed as your Savior from sin and death. Every sermon, every devotion, every Bible Study, every Christian book, should point you to Jesus, the Son of God who became man to die on the cross for your sins and rise from the dead to give you eternal life. That Jesus should be pointed to over and over in His Word, Baptism, and Supper. If the central message is not the Good News of what Jesus has done for you, odds are it’s preached or written by a false prophet. It’s all Jesus this week as we celebrate the 8th Sunday after Trinity.

This Thursday is Back-To-School Night for our school students and their families. Please pray for our teachers, staff, students and families as we begin a new year of learning and growing in God’s grace! We still have openings for half-day students as well as Kindergarten and First Grade. If you know of families who would be interested, send them our way!

As you return from summer time away, think about dropping in to a Bible Study so you can grow in God’s Word. Sunday mornings we are reading the Book of Exodus at 8:00am. Learning the Faith (following worship, around 10:15) will answer all kinds of questions you might have about God’s Word and the Christian Faith. Tuesdays at 10:30 we are finishing the Book of Ephesians soon. Why not stop by and help us pick what to study next? The Divine Service is the place to be bombarded with forgiveness. Bible Study is the place to learn and grow in what God teaches us about His Son and how that faith is seen in our daily lives as we glorify Him and love the people around us.

God’s Word is faithfully preached when we hear it and believe it and lead godly lives here and in eternity. Grant us this, dear Father in heaven!

See you in the Divine Service this weekend!

In Christ, Pastor Buetow

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