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Church Email News, February 26, 2021


Friday, February 26, 2021

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

First of all: the results of student Covid tests we were waiting for Thursday both came back NEGATIVE. We are relieved and grateful! This means there has not been exposure to Covid among our students or staff at this time. Thank you for your prayers for our school and children who are ill.
Back to the really important stuff: Jesus on His way to suffering and death for our sins! This week we hear a woman who won’t take “no” for an answer because her faith clings to Jesus. The Jesus she believes in would not let her daughter keep suffering from a demon! Even when it seems like He won’t answer her or ignores her or didn’t come to save her, she won’t relent. “Your faith has saved you,” Jesus says. But He doesn’t mean her determination! He means the thing her faith believes in, namely…Him! You could substitute “Jesus” for “faith” and see how that works. It’s not our “faith” or “believing” or the “power of prayer” or our “determination” or anything else that saves us. It is Jesus! Jesus is the Son of God. He has the power to drive out Satan. His Word is the Word that sends the devil fleeing. His Word is the Word that forgives and saves and promises eternal life. That’s a good lesson for us in Lent, to think about how we speak. We should avoid talking about anything that isn’t Jesus when it comes to our faith and God’s power. He has done it all and faith is simply trust in Him! That’s this week, the Second Sunday in Lent.

Make sure during Lent to take some extra time during the week for God’s Word and gifts. Join us Wednesdays at 7:00 PM for a Divine Service that is different from Sunday’s. We’ll be hearing how each of the Commandments plays a part in our Lord’s suffering and death. This week it’s the Sixth Commandment, You shall not commit adultery. Come grow in the faith and be refreshed by Jesus.

Bible Studies:
Lent is a good time to recommit to growing God’s Word. Join us for one of our weekly Bible Studies. You don’t have to read out loud and you don’t have to know all the answers. We learn together as we read God’s Word together.


Bible Study – 9:00-9:30 AM in the Narthex. Reading the prophet Isaiah.

Learning the Faith (all ages) – 9:45-10:30am in the Gym.

Tuesdays – Bible Study at 10:30am in the Narthex. Gospel According to St. Matthew.

Our Sunday service is available to watch live and recorded here:

We stream live on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.
Our videos are also live and recorded on YOUTUBE HERE.
The simplest way to watch online (not live) is probably through our church’s website HERE.

If you asked the Lord for something and it seems like He isn’t listening, don’t give up! Even crumbs from His table are more than enough! But you are His dear child and therefore you don’t just get crumbs, you get His very Body and Blood and Word and Promises to save you. Let’s learn to pray like this “dog lady” who takes Jesus’ own words and promises and throws them back at Him so that He can’t wiggle out of them but has to help and save us! See you in the Divine Service where we’ll call upon Jesus to do just that!


In Christ,

Pastor Buetow


Happy Birthday Maria!

Mystery Reader!

Chapel Time!

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